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Q  How do I register for a class?
A  Click on the Calendar tab, then click on the image of the canvas that you would like to paint.  A box with a larger view of the painting pops up and at the bottom is a blue button that says "Register Now".  Click on that, fill in the information, and you are all set to come have some fun!

Q  How do I register with a voucher?
A  Follow the above registration instructions and enter your voucher number in the appropriate box

Q  How do I check availability for a class?
A  Click on the Calendar tab from the home page and then click on the image of the canvas that you would like to paint.  A box with a larger view of the painting pops up and at the bottom is a blue button that says "Register Now".  Click on that and it will tell you if the class is full.

Q Are classes ever canceled?
A On rare occasions we may need to cancel a class so it is important to check your email on the day of your event. We need a minimum of 5 people to hold a class so sometimes we will email the people already registered to find out if they know of anyone else who would like to come paint with them. Also, if there are severe weather warnings in the area for tornados or ice we may cancel.
Q  How much are the classes?
A Two Hour Classes are usually $33. Three Hour Classes are $39. Workshops, Summer Camps, and other projects are priced differently but prices are clearly marked on the registration box when you click on the image of the class you would like to attend.
Q  What does the price include?
A  We supply the brushes, paints, a 16”x 20” stretched canvas, apron, a fantastic instructor, and a party table if you need one for your food.

Q  When should I arrive?
A  We will open 30 minutes before class time.  Come 15-20 minutes early to register, get settled, meet the instructor, have a few sips of wine, and uncork your creative spirits with others.  We will start painting within a few minutes of the class start time just in case some people are on a schedule.  If you are planning to enjoy your party food before class it is especially important for you to arrive early!

Q  What should I wear?
A  Wear something comfortable and casual but not your favorite outfit or shoes (remember, you probably will wear a little paint home).  We do have aprons but sometimes things may get a little messy!

Q  Do I have to paint exactly what the instructor is painting?
A  No! Feel free to add your own creative touches with swirls and strokes of your favorite colors.  You are creating your own masterpiece to keep forever!

Q  Can I bring food?
A  Yes! Bring a whole party! You are welcome to bring snacks, lunch, dinner, cakes, desserts, and decorations. We have a party table if you have a special group celebration (please email us for special requests).
Q  Can I bring my own drinks?
The city of Marietta does not allow BYOB.  We have wine, beer, "coolers", Coca Cola products, and bottled water available for purchase.  We do all the planning for you! GEORGIA LAW:  YOU MUST BE 21 YEARS OF AGE TO CONSUME ALCOHOL. Identification will be required to purchase alcohol.
Q  What is the age limit?
A   Classes are open to all age groups. However, for our evening classes the skill level and/or subject matter is usually middle school age and up (although anyone is welcome to come). Since we serve alcohol, we ask that everyone under the age of 18 be accompanied by an adult at all evening sessions. Daytime classes are suitable for all ages and kids 9 and older do not need an adult to stay with them as long as we have the parent's cell phone number and you stay close by.

Q  Are there classes available for children?
A  Please check the calendar for daytime classes which are usually offered on Saturdays and school holidays.  The youngest "drop off" age for these sessions is 9 years old (it's OK to go leave kids as young as 7 if you are staying in the shopping center area).  

Q  Can I reserve Corkscrews and Canvas for a private party?
A Yes - we have many options for parties!  For details, click on our Parties tab above,or email us. We will be happy to arrange everything for you!
Q  When is the new calendar posted?
A  We try our best to post it around the 15th-20th for the following month. If you are needing details about a specific date or painting, please email us and we can help you!
Q  Are reservations required?
A   You must register on line with a credit card to hold your reservation but your credit card will not be charged until your arrival. At that time, you may pay with credit or debit card, cash or check.  You may cancel or change your reservation up to 24 hours before class time.  Late cancellations and no shows will be charged $20.00.
Q  Can I walk into a class if I can come at the last minute?
A  Yes if we still have spaces available.  Itís best to register ahead of time so we can have your supplies prepared. Occasionally we cancel a class because enough people are not registered. We would hate to cancel a class because we didn't know you were coming! If you cannot register online before you come, please give us a call to make sure we are still having the class. 678-641-6151.
Q What forms of payment do you accept?
A  We accept cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.
Q  Is there a waiting list for sold out classes?
A  Yes, just email us.
Q  Do you have gift certificates?
A  Yes, at the front desk.  You may also email us to request one by mail.
Q How can I find out about upcoming events, discounts, and special announcements?
A Sign up for our monthly newsletter by clicking here.  We also announce last-minute specials through Facebook so be sure to become a Corkscrews and Canvas fan!
Q  What do I do if I have a question that is not answered on the website?
A  Feel free to contact us at any time here.

Q  What if I missed a painting that I love?
A  We will usually re-schedule our most popular canvases several times through out the year at our different locations.  If you just can't wait though, we also have "Open Classes" when you can paint whatever you want to.  Become a fan on Facebook and watch for announcements for these special events!

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